Hey, what's up?

aw I'm sorry, what do you need?


aw I'm sorry, what do you need?


funny things:

-funny videos like worst X factor auditions, try not to laugh videos, or comedians on youtube or netflix

-reddit threads like r/kidsarefuckingstupid, r/tifu, r/funny, or r/memes

-funny shows like the office, b99, raising hope, parks and rec, the good place


here are some ways to get help:

-7 cups (website or app)

-reddit threads like r/vent r/depression r/depression_help

note- the suicide helpline is the US number, other countries have differing phone numbers


here are some ideas to feel better:

-Listen to happy music playlists on spotify, apple music, or youtube

-Go outside or at least open the windows and the blinds/curtains

-Write out or tell how you feel


-Draw, paint, write, other creative stuff

-Plan your dream day or future

-Cry it out

-Put on clothes you like and feel confident in

-Eat your favorite foods if you can, warm things like soup I've found make me feel better

-Take a shower or a bath

-YouTube has a lot of videos like ASMR positive affirmations and ASMR for depression, ASMR Supportive Friend, I know ASMR is weird for a lot of people but these videos can really help

-Instagram has a lot of tags like #mentalhealthhelp that make me feel better, and try searching up positivity accounts on instagram.


aw I'm sorry, what do you need?

-Try writing an angry letter or email to the person/thing that made you mad, and then never send it!

-Scribble on or crumble up paper


aw, I'm sorry! Here are some things you can reflect on and do if you need ♡

-Have you gotten enough sleep? If not, take a nap if you can.

-Have you taken your medicine or vitamins if you have them?

-Have you eaten something? Try something with protein like meat, cheese, or nuts.

-Are you somewhat clean? If not, try dry shampoo to help greasy hair, washcloths and baby wipes for your body and deodorant, for a quick fix

-Does your body hurt? Try ice or heat packs, or try rolling out your muscles

-Have you thought about your feelings recently? Try writing or telling someone how you've been feeling and try to process past events

-Have you in the past hour...

...had some water? Having a filled water bottle near you encourages you to drink more
...released tension from your jaw, shoulders and back?
-moved even a little? Try a walk around the block or simple exercises during commercial breaks


I'm glad! I hope you continue to feel this way. Here are some options in case you need them ♡


Hi! I'm Anna! Im the creator of this resource ♡

I made this to hopefully help others who struggle with mental health.

If this helps you, or you think this might help others, please share this!


Here are some selfcare ideas for you!

-Take a bath or shower
-Listen to upbeat music
-Watch your favorite shows/movies/streams
-Read your favorite books/comics/etc
-Talk to someone who makes you feel good
-Clean for even 5 minutes
-Skincare such as face masks
-DIY project
-Learn something new
-Declutter your phone
-Follow positive accounts on instagram and unfollow toxic ones


I'm sorry your friend isn't doing great :( I hope these ideas help

-First ask your friend if they would prefer advice or just someone to listen

-Validate their feelings and don't use toxic positivity such as "You're fine"

-Encourage them to find professional help if they can

-Try to research what they're going through

-Offer to help with daily tasks such as cleaning or picking up food

-Continue to invite them to do things with you, even if they cancel

-Try to stay in touch with them

-Ask how you can help

-Try to form a support groupchat for them

-Reassure them things will eventually be okay

-Emphasize with them if you can

-If they are in immediate danger, do not leave them alone. call someone like the suicide hotline in your country to help.

this link is helpful for helping friends who are suicidal

Important notes:

-You are not responsible for someone else's actions

-Make sure to set boundaries such as talking/not talking with them at a certain time

-Take care of yourself. Burnout is real and it sucks.